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<span>Nurturing People</span>, Embracing Lives

Nurturing People, Embracing Lives

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SG50 The Recollection Trail

The focus of the Trail was to Revisit places with rich memories and history of Singapore, Relive childhood days in Singapore through games and activities, and Re-immerse in the different cultures that make Singapore who she is today, Re-Member Singapore’s forefathers and history.

Through the following segments, the Trail has raised (more) awareness in participants about the Singapore Identity, and provide an opportunity for them to pass on the knowledge to the next person.

In the Trail, there were four thematic checkpoints where the activities done would be relevant to the themes. The four themes are namely Singapore’s Food, Kampong Games, Singapore’s History and Culture & Religion.

1. Singapore’s Food











Participants were able to Re-immerse in Singpore’s different culture by tasting different food. They were first blindfolded and subsequently given traditional food to be tasted. They would then have to guess the food, its ingredients and its origins. From here, their awareness of the Singapore Identity was raised as they explored the different types of food we have.

2. Kampong Games
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Participants were given an opportunity to Re-live the past of Singapore by having a hands on experience at some of the traditional Kampung games such as Chapteh and gasing that was played in the past. By doing so, they will be able to identify what Singapore was like in our younger years.

3. Singapore’s History

Remembering Singapore History, participants visited landmarks of our forefathers such as raffles landing site. There, they were given various puzzles to solve, as well as various scenarios of Singapore’s past to re-enact(for example, re-enacting the swearing in of Yusof Bin Ishak, the first President of Singapore). Such activities helps the participants have a better understanding of Singapore’s history and what our forefathers had done to bring Singapore to where she is now.

4. Culture & Religion


Participants revisited various location such as St Andrew Cathedral that has rich memories and history of Singapore. They were then given various quiz that tested and shared with them about the background and knowledge of Singapore’s Culture & Religion. Through such visits and activities, participants gained more knowledge on the different Culture and Religion.

The participants had a better understanding of the hardship of Singapore through the thematic checkpoints, and they could better appreciate what they have. This then lead to more pride in Singapore and a greater motivation to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday.

On top of the thematic checkpoints, the participants were also given SG50 Postcard and they were tasked to share about trivia of Singapore with passer-by and then pass the postcards to them as keepsake.

IMG-20141023-WA0110 IMG-20141023-WA0021DSC05346

With the use of SG50 postcards, the participants learned, or had a better understanding of, some ‘uniquely Singaporean’ aspects that they had neglected in their daily life. After that, they get to interact with strangers to share about the knowledge, such that the information can be passed on to the next person. As they share about the post cards, they themselves would have read about the icons of Singapore, and thus raise awareness of Singapore in themselves, as well as the awareness in others.

SG50 Postcard (Front) SG50 Postcard (Back)


SG50 Resilience5000 from 1965 to 2015

This project consists of multiple runs of 3 hours programmes that aim to develop youth participants in 2 aspects, building resilience, and developing a stronger connection to Singapore. The participants will embark on a 5000 metres journey from MacDonald House to Marina Barrage based on the scenes from the movie 1965. This is also a journey for them to reflect and appreciate the DNA of Singapore and how as a country we have developed and changed.

Through a series of activities and reflections during the walk, they will know more about what their forefathers had gone through while building modern Singapore, as well as have a better understanding of the history of Singapore. This walk provides an opportunity for youths to create Singapore history for the next 50 years after feeling inspired by the pioneer generation.

By the end of the walk, they will be able to build on their resilience, as well as a deeper connection to Singapore.

We are targeting to reach out to 5000 youth participants by 9th August 2015.

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