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<span>Learning through Reflection</span>, Learning by Doing

Learning through Reflection, Learning by Doing

Service Leadership Education

The best example of Leadership, is Leadership by example.

In Agape, we strongly believe that the successful leadership is based on the positive efforts and contributions to the community, the society and ultimately the betterment of others before self. Our Service Leadership Education programmes seek to nurture and groom every student, every individual into useful members of the society, inculcating in them positive intentions and altruistic learning values to serve the community and the people in need.

Service Leadership

Project ICY

Project ICY

Project ICY, known as IMPACT to the COMMUNITY by YOUTH.

An youth-led and youth-initiated programme to provide direct assistance to low income families, non-profit organisations and charities in Singapore by providing opportunities for Youth Leaders to assist the adopted organisation in food distribution, cleaning & maintenance and organising social activities or fund raising events.

Participants will be required to attend a 4-6 Hours ICY preparatory programme that would provide and equip them with the necessary information and skills needed for the project that could last between 4 hours to 2 weeks.

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Discovery Cafe

Discovery Café is an idea generation for community projects. Participants are divided into groups to discuss on a Category (such as planning for different events or brainstorming future strategic directions or even social business ideas). Participants can doodle/draw/write their ideas on the table, after which, there would be rotation and regrouping of participants into another Category to build on ideas from the previous group. The rotation was repeated, and through this session, participants get to network while brainstorming on business collaboration ideas.

Our Discovery Café was featured in Cebu, Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and even South Africa. This will be conducted in classroom by invited CEOs / Managing Directors / Industry Leaders and usually last not more than 3 hours.