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<span>Learning through Reflection</span>, Learning by Doing

Learning through Reflection, Learning by Doing

Leadership & Mentoring

Agape’s learning philosophy is deeply entrenched in our guiding belief that every one deserve the opportunity to shine like a Star.

Through our Leadership and Mentoring programmes, we engage our participants in situational leadership activities and gain lifelong concepts and lessons of discovery, observation, learning and inspiring self and others to achieve greater heights.

Leadership & Mentoring

Back To Basics

Back to Basics (B2B)

Understanding the fundamentals of leadership, qualities & attributes of leadership are critically essential for young leaders to start right as they assume leadership roles in their school and communities.

Can be conducted from a 2 to 8 Hours Workshop or integrated into a camp programme.

360 Leader

360 Degree Youth Leadership

360 Degree Youth Leadership creates an awareness of being an all-rounded youth leader in school that understand their individual strength, weaknesses and areas for improvement in leading their peers above, below and alongside them. They will also understand and appreciate the importance of colleagues and human capital as asset in their leadership journey.

Myths and challenges of being a 360 leader in school will also be discussed through forum, case studies and role playing. A 1 hour online assessment tool will be administered to determine the level of each individual leader.

This is a 5-14 Hours training program that is strongly recommended for classroom training and outdoor experiential learning activity.

Student Leadership

5 Levels of Youth Leadership

The 5 Levels express a way to understand and organize individual youth leadership growth.

Each of the levels build on the previous one and youth can only progress to the next level once you have mastered the previous level. As they go higher it is easier to lead because their individual influence grows as well, as their leadership becomes more service oriented.

Participants will experience the challenges of becoming people-leaders through activities, case studies and forums to better understand the application of the 5 Levels:

  • L1: Highly Capable Individual,
  • L2: Contributing Leader,
  • L3: Skilled Leader,
  • L4: Effective Leader,
  • L5: Great Leader.

A 1 hour onsite assessment tool will be administered to determine the level of each individual leader. This is an 8-16 Hours training program that is recommended for classroom training and outdoor experiential learning activity.

Unlimited Limits

Unlimited Limits

Unlimited Limits is an executive leadership training and mentorship programme that is suitable for student leaders holding on to key appointments in schools.

Participants will use a approach or framework to understand key aspects of modern-day leadership strategies, identify key skills that they can contribute back to their school or community, recognise the attributes and skills of a leadership style that promote shared leadership and team empowerment as well as to recognise the impact and value on how their personal and professional development choices and behaviors affect their effectiveness in school or workplace.

A 3-5 Days residential customised training programme with classroom training, experiential learning, and community service with local expedition is preferred.