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<span>Learning through Reflection</span>, Learning by Doing

Learning through Reflection, Learning by Doing

Character & Citizenship Education Programmes

Imbibing strong personal values are crucial foundations in the character development of each and every young life.

Besides strong emphasis on leadership qualities, Agape believe that a holistic education programme should also focus on building the graceful attitude of sharing and giving and rekindling the candles of others through one’s positive actions for the society and the community. This has always been at the heart of education in Singapore to inculcate values and build competencies in our youth to develop them into good individuals and useful citizens.

Our programs are central to the 21st Century Competencies Framework. It emphasises the interconnectedness of the core values, social and emotional competencies and civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills that are critical for character and citizenship development of our pupils.

Giving back to the Society & the Community

Amazing Race

CCE Islandwide Amazing Race

Conceptualised based on the learning outcomes and values of the school / organisation, participants will undergo through a race lasting as short as 12 hours to as long as 2 nights.

Also known as Agape Resilence Trail for Leaders  (ART for Leaders™), this race was conceptualized based on the format of an urban and island wide amazing race, integrated with leadership skills development, social emotional learning and service-learning.

Participants will get to complete tasks and activities that require them to use their wits, judgement, collaborative leadership and team work.

Heritage on the move

Heritage on the Move (HOME)

A featured event by Channel News Asia where participants will either be on wheels or foot, embarking on a learning journey and discover the hidden beauty of the scenic and historical sites of Singapore.

Ranging from the War Memorial to the iconic Merlion Park to the Old Parliament House, exploring Singapore takes participants on an entertaining and educational adventure as they visit various meaningful landmarks and bask in the rich and unique culture of Singapore.

This program usually last between 4-8 Hours and is suitable for all ages.


Agape Integrated Motivation (AIMS) Workshops

Customised motivation workshop integrating topics like, “effectiveness peer communication”, “meaningful appreciation”, “decreasing discouragement”, “reducing cynicism”, “creating a positive leadership environment” ,“Loyalty and longevity”, youth will understand the importance of being motivated as a result of motivating others.

Through a series of structured forum, dialogues and activities, this program are contextualised based on the focused group demographics and will usually last between 45 to 90 minutes.

Leadership Assessment

Other Online & Onsite Leadership Assessment Tools

Other Online & Onsite Leadership Assessment Tools includes:

  • DISC™ Personality Test,
  • Learning Style – Visual, Auditory & Kinaesthetic,
  • MBTI™ Profiling,
  • SEI® – Social Emotional Intelligence Assessment and more.

Please contact our programming team for more details.