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<span>For Continuous Improvements </span>& Maximum Engagement

For Continuous Improvements & Maximum Engagement

Continuous Improvement and Maximum Engagement

Professional Development & Skills upgrading is critical and necessary to ensure the quality of our trainers and staff team. Careful selection of deployment of staff ensures the safety and quality deliverables in every of our projects awarded to us. As such, continuous improvement and upgrading courses are made available for trainers to embark their journey of learning and relearning. The executive management committee has hence set up various specialized Focus Group Committees, committed to formulating, managing and supervising each different function.

Agape Focus Group Taskforce

Project Agape:
Love Indonesia

Project Agape: Love Indonesia

Project Agape Love Indonesia is a 4 year project since 2009, directed by Mr. Delane Lim to provide direct assistance to low income orphanages and schools by providing opportunity for Singapore Youth Leaders to assist the organisation in basic maintenance work.

Stakeholders and members of the public also contribute donations and resources along with the set up and administration of a central funding for sustainable building works and food supplies.

Youth Leaders’
Summit Committee


Youth Leaders’ Summit Organizing Committee was initiated by Mr. Delane Lim in 2009. The committee will be responsible for organizing at least 1 Local and/or International Leadership Conference annually.

The aim for organizing this event is to create a platform for youth leaders all over Singapore & countries world-wide to congregate, learn and network with other leaders from other international schools.

Safety & Health

Safety above all else

Safety & Health Committee is a new committee chaired by Mr. Zahid Rosli, Volunteer Training Director of Agape Group Holdings.

With the recent emphasis by Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower on the Safety & Risk Assessment in conduct of outdoor activities, the committee is set up to ensure that all programmes conducted by our trainers are safe and of minimal risk, and all our participants are comprehensively covered under accident insurance and are attended to by world-class professional medical care.

Training, Promotions & Awards Committee

Awards & Promotions for outstanding trainers

Training, Promotions & Awards Committee chaired by Mr Michael Chua is responsible to promote and ensure the adoption of fair, responsible and merit-based employment practices so as to enable our staff and trainers to realize their full potential and help them achieve personal excellence in their respective job area.

Besides being responsible for the formulation of performance bonus and route of career advancement for all our employees based on fair employment practices, the committee is also responsible to develop a reward and recognition policy to recognize the effort of our industry partners in the travel, hotel and training industry.


Conducting with professioanlism

Disciplinary Committee newly chaired by Ex Chief Operation Officer and Current EXCO Chairman Mr. Joel Chew. The committee is responsible to ensure our staff and trainers adhere to the code of ethics and uphold the professionalism of the training profession.

The committee is responsible to conduct briefing, training and provide standing instructions to every staff / trainer on the regulation and guidelines pertaining to safety, attire, and professional ethics as well as performance standards in consultation with Senior Executive Leadership.

Staff Welfare

Staff Welfare Party

Staff Welfare Committee chaired by Ms. Vanessa Mok is responsible to promote cohesive working and training environment for our staff and trainers. The committee is responsible to organize staff well-being activities to promote friendship, professionalism and comradeship among staff. A bi-annual staff dinner/luncheon will be organized by the committee.

Under the committee, Head of Muslim Affairs and Head of Woman Affairs officers are responsible to ensure that the concerns of the respective demographic group are being addressed.